What is the Best File Format to Save Your Photos In? PSD * TIFF * JPEG * GIF * PNG

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Design, Photography
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A Guest Post by Jodi Friedman of MCP Actions:Your shortcut to better photographs.

As a photographer you shoot in Raw or Jpeg, or sometimes both. Then you edit. You may start in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, but eventually you may end up in Photoshop doing more detailed editing of your photographs.  In time, you come up with the “perfect” edit. Now it is time to save. What do you do? Do you save as a PSD, Tiff, Jpeg, Gif, Png or something else?

Here are a few of the most common formats and why you may or may not want to use them:


  • You will want to save as a Photoshop PSD when you have many layers that you want to preserve.
  • Saving this way will retain adjustment layers, your masks, shapes, clipping paths, layer styles, blending modes.
  • Useful if you need to maintain transparency.
  • The downsides to PSDs the large size and the compatibility.
  • Only those with Photoshop will be able to view them, and you will need to save another way for printing.
  • You cannot share on the web as a PSD.

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