GruvGear – Music Gear Transport Cart [NAMM 2010]

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Audio Gear, Gadgets, Music, NAMM 2010
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GruvGear v-cartHere’s yet another cart to transport your gear, your amp, drums, cabinet, whatever.  Only, I think these guys have upped the mouse-trap by just enough to make it more interesting.

Here’s what GruvGear has to say about themselves – “The new V-CART SOLO™ is GRUV GEAR’s patent-pending music gear transport cart, designed and engineered from the ground up, with focus on thoughtful ergonomics, strength, stability and ease of use. Not only does it allow you to move heavy amps and cabinets with nearly effortless maneuverability, but it also helps save your back and fingers from injury that can really cripple your performance. Furthermore, it helps extend the life of your equipment by preventing unnecessary wear-and-tear from excessive bumps and accidental drops between your car and the stage. With its unique 4 modes of configuration, including a 4-wheel platform mode, a 2-wheel dolly mode, a 4-wheel tilted “V” mode, and a compact folded mode, GRUV GEAR confidently touts it as the most versatile and easy-to-use personal gear transport cart ever designed for musicians.”

I think I’m gonna get me one.


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