NAMM 2010 Day One – General Thoughts/Observations

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Audio Gear, Gadgets, Music, NAMM 2010
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Thursdays is always light on attendance, comparatively to the other days at NAMM.  That said, today was one of the lightest opening days of NAMM that I can remember.  LOVED IT.

The basement was missing a lot of booths. Could do some serious skating down there.  Seems to be a sign of the economic times.

Upstairs – well, many of the booths that were MASSIVE last year were a lot smaller and/or had much less, or even some, NO gear. It was kinda spooky. A friend got a sense of a ‘down’ mood within the show.  Yet, many were really up. Musicians – we’re kinda moody anyway.

It was always fun seeing friends that you only see maybe once a year.  Didn’t see anything mind-bending or really ‘new’. But, much of the day was spent in meetings. I’m hoping that tomorrow will allow for more walking the floor.

Some of the highlights for me were:

  • Heil Drum Mic Packs
  • SPL Headphone Amp
  • Soundcraft Si1 and Si2 (I wasn’t initially impressed but I getting why people are drawn to it.
  • Midas Pro6
  • Adam Monitors
  • CEntrance MicPort
  • Whirlwind MicMute

More tomorrow…..


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