9 Secrets to Cooking the Perfect Turkey

Posted: November 24, 2009 in I Don't Know
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It is that special time of year again, when we spend lots of time in our kitchens, and make fabulous feasts for our family and friends. Whether you are cooking for a crowd, or just having an intimate dinner with your significant other, it pays to incorporate some turkey cooking tips to help ensure a juicy and tasty bird.

Roasting a turkey is much more difficult than many other types of poultry. A turkey has a much larger breast in comparison to the rest of the size of the bird. This means that the breast of the turkey will dry out before the rest of the bird cooks through. Commercial turkeys have been breed to have huge breasts because that is what consumers want. The modern commercial turkey’s breasts are much larger than those of wild turkeys.

This is a dish that you only prepare once or twice a year, and you will probably be entertaining many friends and family too, so why not try to make it as perfect as possible? Here are some tips that I have picked up over the years: [read]


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