The 7 Signs of a Leader

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Business, I Don't Know, Personal, Productivity
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We all need leaders in our lives: mentors, people to look up to, people that simply get it. Leaders inspire us, help us accomplish our dreams, and teach by example. Leaders make us better people and give us an ideal to strive for.

The measure of leadership is always influence; leaders have an amazing ability to influence our lives. Leaders lead wherever they go; they lead at work, at home, or wherever they happen to be.

So after that intro, it’s easy to conclude that being a leader is not an easy task; it requires a collection of very important skills that have to be ingrained into your daily practice – your soul.

Below are the 7 Signs of a Leader. How many of these do you believe you have? More importantly perhaps, do you look up to someone today that doesn’t have many of these traits? Are they really the person to look up to? The choices you make today and the people you surround yourself with will determine much of your path in life; choose wisely. [read]

  1. Andrew says:

    I hear it also helps to come from the wrong side of town:

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