Six Online Shopping Tools To Help Shop Smarter

Posted: October 5, 2009 in I Don't Know, Money

Who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon and eBay and getting the products shipped to their place? E-commerce has been one of the major drivers of the internet since the world wide web began to spread its wings and online retail stores are a common phenomena today.

While it’s great to shop online and save the commute time, it sometimes becomes overwhelming to find the best deal and choose a site from the plethora of web shopping sites available. This article features certain tools and sites which aim to make online shopping easier for you. You’ll save time by using these tools, and hence become more productive.

InvisibleHand is a brilliant Firefox extension which was covered on many sites a few weeks back. The purpose of this add-on is to let you know the availability of the particular product in some other online store which may be offering it at a lower price.

It pops up a small notification bar just below the browser tabs to show you better offers from other retailers. It takes into consideration over 50 major retailers in US and UK.

Alice provides a great way to organize your household shopping by helping you choose from a number of household products, get bargain deals on them, and set up reminders to let you know that you are running out of the item and you need to buy it.

It offers free shipping and good support options via toll free numbers and live chat assistance.

MyThings comes into the picture after you’ve bought the product and got the receipt. [read]


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