Kill Your Stress

Posted: September 9, 2009 in I Don't Know
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Do you feel constantly tense? Are your muscles tight and aching? Do you find yourself snapping at colleagues or family members? Do you feel a sense of panic and overwhelm when you think about your to-do list, or your email inbox? Are you constantly “wired”, in a jittery, negative way?

Here are eight secrets – physical and mental – that will radically reduce your stress. Try focusing on one physical and one mental tip each week, until you’ve got all eight in play.

These four secrets are all to do with treating your body well in order to avoid stress.

  • Exercise
    I have to confess, I’ve been slacking off on my exercise routine this summer – my excuses are that it’s been too hot, and that I’ve been too busy. After a couple of months where I didn’t set foot inside the gym, I made the time to go for a workout twice last week. I was amazed how much less stressed I felt as a result.

    You don’t need to hit the gym to reduce your stress – though moderate-high intensity exercise will do more good than a low-level activity. A brisk walk, a cycle ride, or a jog gives you the same stress-busting results. You’ll find that your worries, your work and your to-do list fade from your mind while you’re busy getting active.

  • Get Enough Sleep
    Do you go to bed too late, and struggle to get up in the mornings? Do you find yourself gulping down coffee just to stay awake? If you’re sleep-deprived, you’re going to find life stressful: you’ll make [read]
  1. Wonderful post! I believe that these great tips would be helpful in managing our stress.

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