5 Things To Do When Twitter Goes Down

Posted: August 21, 2009 in I Don't Know
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white whale twitterBack in the good old days, when it was only just starting up and no-one really saw the point, Twitter used to crash all the time. Scarcely a day went by without the poor unfortunate user base getting confronted by the “Fail Whale”, Twitter’s corporate error page mascot and terrifying avatar of an hour or two without internet inanity.

Nowadays, as the service scales up faster than a lizard on a stretched bungee rope, most people still don’t see the point and outages are a thing of the past. Or so we thought.

On the sixth of August 2009, Twitter was knocked offline for a several hours by a malicious denial-of-service attack which, depending on whom you believe, was either the idle whim of a bored teenager or a move by the Kremlin designed to silence a Georgian dissenter. Regardless of the cause, millions of internet users were left without a source of banal amusement. [read]


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