How to Find Time for Face Time and Personal Interaction

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Random Rants, Stuff
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“Power down. Log off. Unplug. Have mercy on your thumbs. Browse the World Wide Something Else. Send some not-so-instant-messages. Undo. Hit cancel. Be together.”

This quote is from a Dentyne commercial and you know what, they might be on to something. Their message is trying to urge us to “make face time” in what has become a very online world.

Our generation is as guilty of this as ever before. We are so used to computers and cell phones and TV and instant gratification that it has become a rarity that we hang out with someone. How often do we choose to chat with someone online instead of meeting them somewhere? How deep are those interactions? Are they as valuable?

To be honest, those Dentyne commercials made me feel horrible. I have always felt I am too wired, online too much, attached to my cell phone….but then I look around. I’m not the only one. [read]


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